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why kickstarter

March 28, 2023  By Declan Down, Lead Devloper

Strategy and Strike TCG, will be released and available to purchase on Kickstarter for the first release. Dates to be confirmed soon.

The reason behind using 'Kickstarter' to publish the game is to allow the players to select the exact package that they would like to purchase. Primarily 'Kickstarter' offers the ability for the game to be funded before production.
This is a project that I have been working solo on and I have no large funds to print multiple packs before purchase, as that would put me at financial risk. Therefore this is a safer way, it will allow me to see how many people are really interested in playing the game and are willing to purchase the cards before producing packs. Essentially if the first release is unsuccessful, the future of the game may be bleak.

Once the 'Core First Edition' campaign has started on 'Kickstarter', it will last between 30-60 days to allow time for people to purchase the game. After the campaign has ended and I reach my funding goal, the game will be produced and posted to all the backers then the fun begins.

If the campaign is successful on '
Kickstarter', the money made will go back into the development of the game. It will fund the purchase of card printers, recruitment of team members, other products, and the release of the next expansion of the game which is yet to be determined.

There are still some tasks to be completed between now and the release of the campaign. These tasks include finishing some pages on the website mainly the card database, game rulebook, card stats adjustment, setting up the Kickstarter, and testing the concept cards alongside other small tasks. I am to complete all this by Q2 2023

Keep following the game for regular updates as I progress to release and I will keep you all informed of the progress.

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