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enter the battlefield

Five nations collide in this edition to launch the game
into existence. Assemble your troops and go to war.

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Out Now.png

the core to any military

Assemble your deck with the core infantry units, they will lay the foundation of your deck in this edition.

1st infantry regiment Rnk3 Bev.png
1st Infantry Division Rnk3 Bev.png
PWRR Rnk1 Beveled.png
91st jagerBattalion Rnk3 Bev.png
Russian Motostrelki Rnk 3 Bev.png
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Enter the Battle.png
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the core first edition is the first set of cards
released for strategy and strike and will set
the foundation for the game.

this edition includes over 200 cards representing
five major nations from around the world,
that can be used to compete against other players or simply collect.

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